Ku-Band VSAT FV-110

High Performance KU-BAND Antenna

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FURUNO brings a Ku-band VSAT communications solution to the maritime industry to meet the growing demand for more bandwidth at sea. VSAT provides broadband communications at sea that are comparable to the communication data rate we are accustomed to using while on shore. VSAT delivers the cost-effective means to maritime broadband communications through its monthly flat communication rate, allowing ship owners to budget air-time rate without any unanticipated fare to be charged. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system at the head office can be extended to the vessels via VPN (Virtual Private Networks). This means that the officers and crewmembers are now able to make use of more bandwidth-hungry applications such as videoconferencing and downloading, streaming video on demand and others without worrying about the communication bill thanks to the flat communication rate.

This will totally transform maritime communication, with increasing levels of both operational and social communications conducted all at the same time through this new service. Navigators can obtain weather and chart updates* online in order to optimize their route planning and monitoring tasks, while all onboard can still enjoy the benefit of the Internet, e-mailing and making voice calls to the head offices or their friends and families back home all via a single terminal. It would greatly increase information efficiency onboard. It will change the way mariners and vessels communicate, just as on-shore broadband data communications paved the way for the broadband IP era.


  • Supports a variety of modem types* (iDirect, Comtech, etc.)
  • Easy to install with just one cable between Above Deck Equipment (ADE) and Below Deck Unit (BDU)
  • Operate two antenna systems on a single modem for increased redundancy
  • Easy maintenance access through hatch in the antenna unit
  • Global support and services
  • Antenna reector size: 1.03 m
  • Antenna weight: 126.5 kg

VSAT System Configuration

* Depending on service provider, layout may differ

Supported modems

  • iDirect iNFINITI (Serial/OpenAMIP)
  • iDirect Evolution (OpenAMIP)
  • Comtech CDM-570L/625
  • Comtech CDM-570L with ROSS (ROAM)
  • STM SatLink 2900
  • Gilat SkyEdge II
  • Gilat SkyEdge II PRO
  • Inmarsat G5
  • Shiron InterSKY iRG-4G-Pro
  • Newtec MDM3100 IP Satellite modem