Marine Radar JMR-5400 series

Dramatically improved short-range detection performance.

  • Meets the newest IMO radar standards and has MED certification.
  • Short-range target detection clearly displays small oceanic targets.
  • Makes the movements of other ships clear and easily detected.
  • Operating environment is easily customized to suit the user Es needs.
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IMO-compliant and MED-certified marine radar

The JMR-5400 series is equipped with a top-of-the-line processor,remarkably improving target detection and drawing performance a like.

Also, in addition to the newly developed and highly sensitive radar antenna, an 8ft S band solid-state radar antenna is also available.

High-resolution display with 1,000cd/m2 brightness.*2


The newest signal processing technology with highly refined image display.

Short-range target detection and clutter removal functionality.

Small oceanic targets that were previously difficult to detect are displayed crisply and clearly. Automatic clutter removal and optimized technology has dramatically improved detection capabilities, and also allows the positions of other ships to be displayed clearly.

TT/AIS display functionality.

Equipped with TT functionality by default, allowing users to mark other ships and points of interest with TT symbols and check the course of nearby objects at a glance. The same highlighting functionality is also available for AIS symbols.

Original Menu

Create original menus that include only the items you need, and a favorites list to bring up frequently used items in one location.

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)-compatible

The JMR-5400 series is compatible with JRC’s proprietary Remote Maintenance System (RMS), which uses JRC’s VDR and satellite communications to remotely link to the equipment onboard the vessel to perform remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance. For more information on RMS, please contact JRC’s business department.

Radar antennas with exceptionally reliable target detection capabilities.

S band – 8ft 250W solid-state radar antenna

Further miniaturization provides even greater mountability.

S band – 8ft 250W solid-state radar antenna

New Radar Antenna

A newly tuned system cuts search times to roughly 1/4th of what they were previously. Additionally, thinning of the antenna height means improved drive device reliability.

25kW X-band NKE-2255