Next generation Sea Tel TV

Enjoy your favourite sports, news and drama wherever you are on the world’s oceans with a range of five new Sea Tel antennas from Cobham SATCOM.

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Global TV, local choice


The Sea Tel 80 TV, Sea Tel 100 TV and Sea Tel 120 TV are advanced 3-axis Ku-band antennas with an innovative programmable worldwide LNB and multi polarisation, making them truly global.

For full HD content in the US, the Sea Tel 100 TVHD and Sea Tel 120 TVHD are 3-axis Ku/Ka dual band antennas, capable of receiving signals from three satellites simultaneously, giving full access to DIRECTV HD programming.

Advanced Engineering, quality viewing


The new Sea Tel Satellite TV range features all-new electronics, based on the tried and tested IMA (Integrated Marine Electronics) platform. This ensures straightforward installation, setup and daily operation.

Designed, built and tested for reliable use in the harsh maritime environment, the new generation of Sea Tel Satellite TV antennas features RF capabilities that exceed all other antennas in the field today, providing quality viewing at all times.

Television made easy


Ease of installation and maintenance is a key development criteria for the new generation of Sea Tel Satellite TV.

The radomes offer flexible cable installation with centre as well as side access, so installers can choose the cable lead-in that suits them best. They also feature a large service hatch to ensure fast and efficient installations and easy access for maintenance.


Built on experience and trust


The new range of Sea Tel Satellite TV antennas draws on decades of experience from Sea Tel and SAILOR VSAT and Satellite TV antenna development.

The proven legacy and rigorous in-house and at-sea testing ensures that the antennas live up to the high standards of quality and reliability users expect from Cobham SATCOM. And should you need support, our worldwide partner network can help wherever you are.