Sea Tel Coastal 18 Satellite TV

Sea Tel Coastal 18 Satellite TV is small in size, but big on features, with superior quality and performance for TV-at-Sea suited to yachts and smaller crafts.

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Small footprint, big results


Sea Tel Coastal 18 Satellite TV features a compact 18-inch dish which provides a wide coverage range so you don’t have to leave your favourite programmes on a cliff hanger or miss the big game just because you’re spending time sea. This small, lightweight system, with 2-axis stabilisation, has a greater reception range and stronger signal than its 24-inch antenna competitors – for big performance on boats and smaller vessels.

High performance


Sea Tel Coastal 18 Satellite TV’s sharp performance gives consistency of service and quality reception even in inclement weather, when sailing on coastal waters. Its Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) signal identification, proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software help Sea Tel Coastal 18 Satellite TV achieve supreme stabilisation and satellite tracking.

Individual choice, multiple screens


Sea Tel Coastal 18 Satellite TV accommodates any number of satellite receivers, meaning you and your guests can each enjoy their own choice of programming. Multiple satellite receivers mean many television sets can be installed, each receiving its own TV and music channels from individual satellite receivers, for independent viewing.