4.2″ GPS NAVIGATOR Model GP-39

Highly accurate position fixing GPS navigator with clear color LCD


  • Newly designed GPS core delivers enhanced position fixing accuracy

  • 4.2″ high-resolution color LCD

  • Storage for 3,000 track points, 10,000 waypoints and 100 routes

  • SBAS capable for better positioning calculations

  • Share and display position information on networked equipment such as a fish finder, sonar, radar, etc.

    The GP-39 delivers the position information to an interfaced fish finder or sonar. Also, the GP-39 receives the TLL (Target Latitude/Longitude) sentence from networked fish finders or sonars and can display the received information. This allows you to mark fish school locations easily.

  • 7 display modes available, including 2 user-customizable modes

  • Waypoint and route data can be exported/imported via a USB flash drive or signal converter

    Waypoint, route data and setting information can be exported/imported via a USB ash drive between GP-39 units. The waypoint and route data in GP-32 can be transferred to GP-39 by means of signal converter. You can backup information, or share useful information between vessels.

  • Multi-language ready : English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian and Thai

  • Easy to mount on/off the bracket

    The improved hanger allows the display unit to be mounted or un-mounted easily. The display unit can be carried in the bag (standard supply).


Display Unit

Screen Type
4.2″ Color LCD
Screen Resolution
480 (V) x 272 (H) pixels
GPS Antenna
Display Modes
Plotter, Highway, Steering, NAV Data, Satellite monitor, User Display (Digital, Speedometer, COG)
English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai


Receiving Type
GPS: 12 channels parallel, 12 satellites tracking, C/A code, all-in-view
SBAS: 2 channels
Receiving Frequency
L1 (1575.42 MHz ± 1.023 MHz)
GPS: 10 m (95% of the time, HDOP≤4)
WAAS: 3 m (95% of the time, HDOP≤4)
MSAS: 7 m (95% of the time, HDOP≤4)


Memory Capacity
3,000 ship’s track points
10,000 waypoints with comments
100 routes with 30 waypoints/route


Display unit: IP55
Antenna unit: IP56
Power Supply
12-24 VDC : 0.7-0.3 A
0.86 kg (Bracket mount)