4.3″ GPS NAVIGATOR Model GP-33

A smart navigation solution that fits perfect into your console


  • 4.3″ “Sunlight Viewable” color LCD (Brightness: 700 cd)

  • Enhanced data legibility thanks to large characters and high resolution visual aid

  • Stores up to 10,000 marks/waypoints, 100 routes and 3,000 track points

  • 7 display modes available, including 2 user-customized modes

  • Supports both NMEA0183 and CAN bus interface

  • Contact closure capability available on the 10P connector

  • SBAS capable for better measurement

  • Easy Operation

    Innovative digital graphic displays and intuitive on-screen menu structure provide simple operation and easy access to the features you use most frequently.
  • What is CAN bus?

    CAN bus is a communication protocol that shares multiple data and signals through a single backbone cable. You can simply connect any CAN bus devices onto the backbone cable to expand your network onboard. With CAN bus, IDs are assigned to all the devices, and the status of each sensor in the network can be detected. All the CAN bus devices can be incorporated into the NMEA2000 network.
  • Various Displays

    The GP-33 provides navigation data and displays them in a wide variety of numerical and graphical formats. You may freely select which data you want displayed with easy to use controls. The combination of a high resolution screen and large data fields makes the screen easy to read in almost any condition.

    NAV data
    The nav data display shows receiver status, position in latitude and longitude (or TDs), course over ground, speed over ground, date and time.
    3-D view of own ship’s progress toward destination (waypoint). This mode is best used for navigation when a straight line course can be followed.

    Easy to read digital compass heading display that greatly assists you in maintaining a desired course.

    shows position on a 2-D map*. This mode presents various data and information with graphic symbols and icons, rather than text.
    The Auto Waypoint Entry function plots ship’s track as “WAYPOINTS”. The user may define waypoint entry by time interval, tack angle, etc.

    *The unit does not include charts.

    User Display
    You choose what data is displayed in the User Display Mode.


Display Unit

Screen Type
4.3″ Color LCD
Screen Resolution
WQVGA 480 x 272
GPS Antenna
Display Modes
Plotter, Steering, Highway, NAV data,User display1, User display2, Satellite Monitor Display
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish


Receiving Type
Twelve discrete channels, C/A code, all-in-view
Receiving Frequency
GPS: 10 m, MSAS: 7 m, WAAS: 3 m


Memory Capacity
3,000 ship’s track points
10,000 waypoints with comments
100 routes, 30 waypoints/route


Display unit: IP56, Antenna unit: IPX6
Power Supply
Non CANbus: 12-24 VDC, 0.24-0.12 A
CANbus: 15 VDC, LEN7
146 (H) x 172 (W) x 88 (D)
0.7 kg (Bracket mount)