MARINE RADAR Model FAR-15×8 series

High performance Radar with Cat.2 (500-10,000GT) and Cat.3 (<500GT) support

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High performance Radar with Cat.2 (500-10,000GT) and Cat.3 (<500GT) support

NEW Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) for unprecedented echo clarity

Quickly adjust the radar image with the push of a single button press. When the ACE function is activated, the system automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions selected by the user (calm/rough sea/hard rain).

Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) OFF

Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) ON

NEW Fast Target Tracking™ (TT)

It only takes a few seconds after a target has been selected, that a speed and course vector is displayed.
With accurate tracking information, estimation of other vessel’s course and speed is made easier.


Scalable Ethernet Network System

FAR-15×8 series utilizes a 100 Base-TX Ethernet connection to network up to two radar systems together.
This Ethernet data link gives high-speed and stable navigational data sharing for interswitching as well as sharing data between ECDIS and GPS plotters.

High visibility monitor MU-190 and MU-150HD

19″ LCD MU-190 (Cat.2) and 15″ LCD MU-150HD (Cat.3) are offered to fit the needs of your vessel.
High brightness ensures great visibility in all environments.

AIS connectivity built-in, accurately track targets for increased safety

Display Radar overlay on connected ECDIS

Customizable warning function for CPA/TCPA, Guardzone and more

Conforms to IEC62388 and IEC62288

User Interface

NEW Easy to operate control unit

Simple and efficient operation is made possible with individual knobs for setting gain/rain/sea clutter suppression, as well as a RotoKey and touch panel. The optional trackball unit, as well as a regular USB mouse, can also be used.


Customizable data display for efficient and simple operation


Data display

Whether it be a close up of approaching targets or target information, you can customize the display freely to show the information you need at hand.
Up to four TT targets can be displayed as well as two AIS targets, complete with information.

Close up display (Zoom function)

You can view a close up of a point of interest, enlarged two or three times. Enlarge incoming targets for increased situational awareness. Echo trails can also be displayed in order to further enhance situational awareness in busy shipping lanes.