25 kW Easy to use Marine Radar with advanced capabilities, at a great value

FAR-1523-BB Marine Radar features advanced functionality in a small and easy to use package.

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  • Target Analyzer™ function

    The Targe Analyzer™ function displays moving targets, stationary targets, rain, sea surface and targets closing in on your vessel in different colors. Spot hazardous targets directly, simply by their color. Target Analyzer™ can improve situational awareness, hence increasing safety at sea.
  • Fast Target Tracking™ (TT)

    It only takes a few seconds after a target has been selected, for a speed and course vector to be displayed. With accurate tracking information, estimating other vessels course and speed is made easier.
  • ACE function suppresses false echoes

    Quickly adjust the radar image with a single action. When Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function is activated, the system automatically adjusts the clutter reduction lter and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions selected (Calm/Rough Sea/Hard Rain).

  • Customize the display according to your needs

    FAR-1523-BB offers impressive customizability and freedom when it comes to display. Choose how you want echoes to be displayed so that you can maximize visibility and efficiency.

  • Compact easy to use control unit

    Individual knobs for gain/rain/sea clutter suppression as well as RotoKey and a touch panel allow efficient, simple operation. An optional trackball unit as well as a regular USB mouse can also be used.

  • Customizable data display for efficient and simple operation

    Whether it be a close up window of approaching targets or target information, you can customize the display freely to show the information you need at hand.

  • Display Radar overlay on your connected GPS Chart Plotter

  • AIS connectivity built-in

    Connect a required AIS transponder to overlay AIS targets on the radar display. Up to 40 different targets can be tracked simultaneously.
  • High visibility MU-190 and MU-150HD Marine Display

    19″ LCD MU-190 and 15″ LCD MU-150HD are available as optional supply to fit the needs of your unique vessel. A high brightness display ensures great visibility in the most difficult of conditions.
  • Scalable Ethernet Network System

    The 100 Base-TX Ethernet is utilized to network two radar systems together without the need for extra devices. For convenience, you can control both radars from any of the connected displays.



Peak Output Power
25 kW
1200 mm Open (4′) or 1800 mm Open (6′)
9410 MHz ±30 MHz, P0N
Beam Width (Horizontal)
1.9° (XN12A), 1.35° (XN13A)
Beam Width (Vertical)
Range Scales
0.125 – 96 NM
Antenna Rotation Speed
24 rpm (RSB-0070), 48 rpm (RSB-0073)
XN12A: 25 kg
XN13A: 27 kg


Display Unit
Optional supply, 1024 x 768 (XGA)
Display Mode
Head-up, STAB Head-up, North-up (TM/RM), Course-up, Stern-up
Other Mode / Functions
Target Analyzer™, Fast Target Tracking™ (TT), AIS, Echo Trails


Antenna unit: -25°C to +55°C (storage: +70°C or less)
Processor unit: -15°C to +55°C
Antenna unit: IP26
Processor unit: IP20 (IP22: option)
Control unit: IP22


Power Supply / Consumption Current
Processor unit: 24 VDC: 5.0 A max. (24 rpm), 5.6 A max. (48 rpm)
Rectifier (RU-1746B-2, optional supply): 100-115/200-230 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60Hz