X/S-BAND BlackBox RADAR Model FAR-22×8-BB series

High detection capabilities and detailed echoes
Unprecedented performance and efficiency for fishing vessels!



  • Series lineup

    FAR-2218-BB X-band, 12 kW, TR up
    FAR-2228-BB X-band, 25 kW, TR up
    FAR-2228-NXT-BB X-band, 600 W, TR up, Solid State
    FAR-2238S-BB S-band, 30 kW, TR up
    FAR-2238S-NXT-BB S-band, 250 W, TR up, Solid State
  • Enhanced dynamic range for a more complete EAV (Echo Average) Function!

    The EAV determination technology has been taken to the extreme by integrating wide-range dynamic image correlation techniques. Despite being a digital Radar, all echoes, from the weakest to the strongest, are displayed with richer shades.
    Echo Average function with wide dynamic range
    he addition of signal transformation technology, offering a wider dynamic range, provides a more stable image of a net and its floating line while suppressing noise and other unwanted echoes.
  • Target Analyzer™

    Furuno’s unique Target Analyzer™ function helps to find targets in high noise areas (rain/snow), or where there is interference from sea clutter.

  • Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE)

    Quickly adjusts the Radar image with a single button press. When ACE is activated, the system automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions.

  • Fast Target Tracking™

    With Fast Target Tracking™, the FAR-22×8 series provides accurate tracking information; speed and course vectors are displayed in mere seconds, allowing operators to take action and avoid incidents at a very early stage.
  • InstantAccess Bar™ Provides immediate access to the functions you need

    InstantAccess Bar™ contains shortcuts to menus for tasks (functions/actions) that are most frequently used by operators, providing quick access to the most critical functions.

  • Chart Overlay

    Plotter-related functions, such as ship’s path (own ship and others), destination settings, route registration, waypoints are all integrated.

    It is possible to superimpose Radar and Plotter information on the same image to have an even more precise image containing all the most useful information.

  • The power to judge the situation at a glance with customizable TT and AIS displays

    When these are previously set, AIS symbols can be displayed with different colors for each MMSI. It is also possible to change the name of the acquired targets and change their color or symbol.
    *In the case of TT, it is possible to easily change the display by creating specific presets.
  • Solid State Radar model – NXT – specialized in target detection and maintainability (S-band only)

    FURUNO Solid State Radar technology generates clear echo images, which allows users to obtain a clear picture of the area around their vessel, including weaker echoes from small craft. Moreover, a fan-less Solid State antenna dramatically reduces maintenance costs for the magnetron and CPU fan.
    Solid State Radar keeps almost same power ability as conventional magnetron radar according to low output power.
    Power Amplifier Module of the Solid State transceiver
  • Well-designed controllers for stress-free operation

    These control units are designed based on ergonomics. The RCU-031 Control Unit, specially designed for fisheries, incorporates all the main Chart Plotter functions and allows you to perform a variety of operations.

  • Refined antenna with high signal accuracy and excellent reliability

    High image quality is achieved by the signal processor inside the antenna unit directly converting analog to digital signals before sending them to the main processor unit.

    The new antenna shape suppresses aerodynamic drag and lightens the burden on the gear box. The gear box itself has also been redesigned. Decreased aerodynamic drag and DC brushless motor result in a very durable gear box that can be used for prolonged period of time.



Peak Output Power
FAR-2218-BB:12 kW
FAR-2228-BB:25 kW
FAR-2228-NXT-BB: 600 W (equivalent to magnetron radar 25 kW)
FAR-2238S-BB:30 kW
FAR-2238S-NXT-BB:250 W (equivalent to magnetron radar 30 kW)
X-band (Magnetron) 9410 MHz ±30 MHz, P0N
X-band (Solid State) CH1 P0N: 9403.75 MHz / Q0N: 9423.75 MHz ± 5 MHz or CH2 P0N: 9413.75 MHz / Q0N: 9433.75 MHz ± 5 MHz
S-band (Magnetron) 3050 MHz ±30 MHz, P0N
S-band (Solid state) CH1 P0N: 3043.75 MHz/ Q0N: 3063.75 MHz ±5 MHz or CH2 P0N: 3053.75 MHz/ Q0N: 3073.75 MHz ±5 MHz
Beam Width (Horizontal)
*: 24 rpm only.
Beam Width (Vertical)
Antenna Rotation Speed
24 rpm or 42 rpm (for high speed craft)


Display Unit
Optional supply
Display Mode
Head-up, STAB Head-up, North-up (TM/RM), Course-up, Stern-up
Other Mode / Functions
Target Analyzer™, Fast Target Tracking™ (TT), EAV (Echo Average), Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE), AIS, Echo Trails


Antenna unit :-25°C to +55°C (storage: -25°C to +70°C)
Indoor units :-15°C to +55°C (storage: -20°C to +70°C)
Antenna unit:IP56
Processor unit:IP22
Control unit:IP20 (RCU-014/015/016), IP22 (RCU-031)
HUB:IP20 (HUB-100), IP22 (HUB-3000)


Power Supply / Consumption Current
Processor unit (w/ antenna unit)
100-230 VAC: 2.1-1.0 (2.9-1.3 A), 1 phase, 50-60Hz or 24 VDC (21.6-31.2 V): 5.4 A (9.0 A)
100-230 VAC: 2.3-1.1 (3.2-1.4 A), 1 phase, 50-60Hz or 24 VDC (21.6-31.2V): 8.9 A (12.4 A)
100-230 VAC: 2.1-1.1 A (2,9-1.3 A), 1 phase, 50-60Hz or 24 VDC (21.6-31.2V): 8.2 A (11.1 A)
100-230 VAC: 3.2-1.5 (5.6-2.5 A), 1 phase, 50-60Hz
100-230 VAC: 2.6-1.2 (5.1-2.2) A, 1 phase, 50-60 Hz (A): 42 rpm

HUB (option)
100-230 VAC: 0.1 A max. 1 phase, 50/60 Hz

De-icer (option)
100-115/220-230 VAC: 2.6/1.3 A, 1 phase, 50-60 Hz