Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite TV

Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite TV 50-inch antenna features Unlimited Azimuth (UA) range for uninterrupted satellite television reception regardless of how many turns a vessel makes.

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Zero interruptions


With Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite TV system you can operate with the confidence that passenger and crew enjoyment of satellite TV and radio will remain uninterrupted regardless of the course and number of turns the vessel makes.

Because Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite TV features Unlimited Azimuth range, which secures continuous reception using a six-channel rotary joint, which means no waiting to unwrap antenna cables, vessels with complex routes such as survey ships can be sure of a reliable signal at all times.

Home comforts


Whether cruising for leisure or working on a ship, don’t leave your favourite programmes on a cliff hanger or miss the big game just because you’re spending time sea. With Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite you get high reliability, great picture quality and simple installation and operation.

Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite receives DVB services from global providers including DirecTV™, DISH Network™, Bell TV™, Hotbird, Sky, Orbit and DirecTV Latin America (DLA)™, so you can be confident that there will always be something worth watching.

Compact and lightweight


Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite features a compact and attractive 60-inch radome antenna, styled in white, which delivers high-performance TV-at-sea while complementing the design of your vessel.

The lightweight, unobtrusive 60-inch dome is discreet, yet powerful enough for automatic satellite positioning and securely locks onto them using its precision built-in GPS receiver.

Individual choice, multiple screens


Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite can accommodate any number of satellite receivers, meaning your passengers and crew can each enjoy their own choice of programming.

Multiple televisions can be installed on board, each receiving individual programming from its very own satellite receiver giving passengers and crew independent viewing. Ideal for when you have guests or to ensure your crew are happy in their jobs.

Solid performance


Featuring a sophisticated 3-axis closed loop antenna stabilisation system with proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software, the Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite system negates motion and connection interference.

This advanced technology ensures consistency of operation and unspoilt viewing pleasure. Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite detects the slightest motion and compensates/corrects accordingly, so even in rough seas everyone on board can enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

Stay on track


Cobham SATCOM TV-at-Sea antennas are designed and built to exacting standards. We develop and integrate innovative, cutting-edge technology to ensure high performance and reliability in the maritime arena, resulting in hardware that service providers and end-users can trust.

Sea Tel 5004 UA Satellite provides solid reception and dependable performance around the globe, whether sailing blue waters or working at sea, so guests, passengers and crew can always relax and enjoy satellite entertainment when it suits them.