Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV

Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV is our 3.6-metre flagship TV-at-Sea system providing the largest offshore operating area and compatibility with all satellites.

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Hundreds, even thousands of crew and passengers can enjoy digital TV and music programming from leading providers almost anywhere in the world. When you install Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV you increase passenger satisfaction during long cruises and enhance crew welfare on large offshore installations. Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV supports any number of satellite receivers so many TVs can be installed and individually programmed for the enjoyment of everyone on board. It’s size and operational reach make it suitable for the most demanding applications.

Advanced electronics


Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV is a reliable, intelligent TV-at-Sea system, packed with electronic innovation. It continuously calculates position, orientation and velocity for smart, seamless satellite TV. For vessels and rigs large enough to accomodate this cutting-edge system, Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV is the ultimate TV-at-Sea platform. The system’s advanced electronics enhance system awareness – including LED indicators for troubleshooting, USB port for BlueTooth adaptor and digital control interface between the motor driver and PCU for improved communications whilst high-accuracy accelerometers enhance positioning for a better service.

Reliable innovation


Cobham SATCOM TV-at-Sea antennas are designed and built to exacting standards. We develop and integrate innovative, cutting-edge technology to ensure high performance and reliability in the maritime arena, resulting in hardware that service providers and end-users can trust. The micro-electromechanical (MEM) sensors used in Sea Tel’s antennas are based on the same technology currently being used in missile and aerospace technology around the world. This high-end quality in combination with our unmatched satellite TV manufacturing experience ensures you can count on Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV to keep working in any conditions.

Solid performance


Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV has been protected against motion and connection interference to ensure consistency of operation and unspoilt viewing pleasure for passengers in inclement conditions. Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV’s complete antenna stabilisation system including proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software detects the slightest motion and compensates / corrects accordingly.

Zero interruptions


With Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV system you can operate with the confidence that passenger and crew enjoyment of satellite TV and radio will remain uninterrupted regardless of the course and number of turns the vessel makes. Because Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV features Unlimited Azimuth range, which secures continuous reception using a six-channel rotary joint, which means no waiting to unwrap antenna cables, vessels with complex routes.

Bespoke GPS navigation


A built-in GPS antenna and proprietary algorithms give Sea Tel ST144 Satellite TV’s swift satellite acquisition and navigation capabilities.