Sea Tel 80 TV

The Sea Tel 80 TV features an 83cm antenna in a 108cm diameter frequency tuned radome that is designed to minimise signal loss and add to the high quality viewing on offer.

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Advanced features, designed for convenience


As the smallest new generation Sea Tel TV antenna, it is ideal for installation on vessels where rea-estate is at a premium. Installation is easy, and if you’re upgrading from a legacy ’04’ Sea Tel TV antenna, Sea Tel 80 TV will slot right in.

Other features such as the advanced programmable LNB and integrated DVB-S2 tuner for reception and identification of DVB-S2 and DVB-S satellite broadcasts ensure that when you choose the Sea Tel 80 TV, you get one of the most convenient, yet advanced maritime TV solutions available today.

Television wherever you need it


The Sea Tel 80 TV antenna system features advanced technology that enables the user to receive Ku-Band High Definition satellite services worldwide without ever having to change the LNB. And with a simple to use interface, changing satellite services is as simple as a few button clicks away.

With entertainment facilities important for experienced workers and younger crew members alike, you can’t afford to have even a few hours of TV downtime. But with Sea Tel 80 TV, you can ensure that television is always available on board, even when moving between satellites and regions.

Any conditions, anywhere


With advanced 3-axis stabilization, the Sea Tel 80 TV is made for extreme conditions. Whether at dockside, anchor or rocking and rolling on the Seven Seas, the Sea Tel 80 TV is the right antenna for watching your favourite satellite TV programming.

The Sea Tel 80 TV antenna system is rigorously tested on a unique maritime antenna testing platform, using motion and conditions encountered on a huge range of vessels. This helps to ensure complete reliability and longevity, even in extreme conditions and climates.

World class reliability


All Sea Tel TV systems are designed in Cobham SATCOM’s state-of-the-art R&D centre in Concord, US. This unique facility is dedicated to developing world-leading satellite communication innovations for a wide range of commercial, government and military projects.

Built in our new 25,500m2 super factory in Denmark, which houses the industry’s most sophisticated production and testing facilities for maritime satellite technologies, Sea Tel 80 TV uses only the highest quality components so you can be confident that it will last, and keep delivering quality satellite broadcasting for years to come.

You can tell it’s a Sea Tel


Sea Tel TV antennas provide everything you could want for your crew welfare and entertainment. They are easy to use with automated functionality to eliminate complex manual reconfiguration, and each delivers exceptional coverage, quality and choice without the cost of going online.

With the world-class design, manufacturing and technology applied to Sea Tel 80 TV ensuring reliable, high quality television on board, it’s still great to know that Cobham SATCOM offers alongside online and offline troubleshooting, a Global Service Solution that enables us to help maintain your Sea Tel equipment wherever you are.