Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT

Ensure continuous connectivity with Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT antenna, which combines a 2.4m C-band antenna with a 1.2m Ku-band antenna on the same pedestal.

Global operations

Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT, with Quadrature Oriented Reflectors (QOR), is a leading-edge VSAT solution for truly global operations. With high quality 1.2m Ku-band and 2.4m C-band antennas on the same pedestal it facilitates full flexibility of operations by ensuring your ability to communicate, anywhere in the world

Regardless of where you operate, you can be sure of always-on broadband using either the Ku-band or C-band antenna in the system, making your vessels highly mobile and able to cover any routes or operate on any field without expensive, time consuming re-configuration of the system.

Easy switching

Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT requires minimal manual intervention while switching from C-band circular to C-band linear, A Pol to B Pol, or from C-band to Ku-band, whilst the C-band antenna utilizes a feed that combines both circular and linear operation, all in one product.

There is no need to climb into the radome to change the feed when switching; at the push of a button, you can switch from C-band to Ku-band in less than a minute. This means minimal connectivity downtime and near continuous access to your critical communication and IP services.

Innovative technology

Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT is a technologically advanced all-in-one communication solution for truly global operation. By combining Cobham SATCOM’s Ku-band and C-Band technology expertise, you don’t have to install a second antenna on your vessels in order to ensure continuous connectivity regardless of location.

Cutting-edge features include Generation 2 electronics in the pedestal control unit that eliminate the need for an external level cage; full compatibility with OpenAmip and ABS technology; fast satellite acquisition using built-in GPS antenna and proprietary algorithms; and high performance stabilization/satellite tracking even in inclement weather.

Approved for Navies

Sea Tel 9711QOR VSAT is fully approved for Naval vessel installation and meets MIL-STD-167 specifications for shock and vibration, Navy MIL-STD-901D Grade B shock standards and MIL-STD-461 EMI & RFI standards (including 200V/M).

All Cobham SATCOM VSAT antennas are designed and built to exacting standards, ensuring their suitability for the harsh maritime environment. In any conditions or operational environment, you can count on the quality of design, components and manufacturing, and benefit from a reliable link at all times.