Sea Tel 9707D VSAT

As our most efficient ever C-band Circular only, stabilized antenna system, Sea Tel 9707D VSAT guarantees high-performance connectivity worldwide.

Ultimate Performance


Sea Tel 9707D VSAT’s innovative Radical Offset antenna technology provides unparalleled C-band efficiency and performance, meaning high throughput and service availability whatever the weather or the sea conditions. Regardless of where you operate, you can be sure of always-on broadband, giving you access to a wealth of communications, including business and crew centric email and web connectivity, in addition to high-end IP applications such as vessel monitoring or drilling software.

Feature rich and convenient


An unmatched range of powerhouse features results in straightforward installation, maintenance and operation. The antenna can be accessed remotely for trouble shooting and can be configured as a dual antenna solution when using an arbitrator. Sea Tel 9707D VSAT is both INTELSAT and DSCS compliant so you get more throughput using the same or even less valuable deck space. It utilises the advanced 19″ rack mount DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit, which offers all ports and connections needed to set up and operate complex on board communication networks.

Innovative technology


Cobham SATCOM antennas are designed and built to exacting standards. We develop and integrate innovative, cutting-edge technology to ensure high performance and reliability in the maritime arena, resulting in hardware that service providers and end-users can trust. Take for instance, Sea Tel’s 3-axis stabilization system used in Sea Tel 9707D VSAT. It isolates the antenna from the ship’s motion no matter how extreme the weather and rough the seas. The antenna system responds to ship’s movement at a rate as fast as 90 degrees per second ensuring accurate pointing and therefore a stable connection 24/7.

Diverse applications


Because it is one of the most powerful and efficient C-band antennas on the market, Sea Tel 9707D VSAT is used in a variety of diverse maritime and offshore situations, all of which demand high-throughput and reliable connectivity for critical applications. Platforms, OSVs, ferries and cruise ships all use Sea Tel 9707D VSAT antennas as a way to guarantee everything from connectivity for technical applications and operational collaboration to supporting on-board retail and ensuring multiple-user connectivity for passengers and crew.