Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV

Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV is a flexible and high performing TV-at-Sea antenna system that delivers worldwide & high-latitude Ku-Band HDTV services to multiple satellite receivers onboard.

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Impressive from every angle


Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV’s high elevation range and choice of automatic or manual skew control gives you the maximum flexibility and reach for the best reception.

With two axes of stabilisation and one axis of polarisation, it provides strong satellite TV reception at higher latitudes while finding the optimal skew angle for maximum signal strength.

Solid performance


Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV system has been protected against motion and connection interference to ensure consistency of operation and unspoilt viewing pleasure for passengers and crew onboard.

Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV’s complete antenna stabilisation system including proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software detects the slightest motion and compensates/corrects accordingly.

Flexible and adaptable


Install Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV simply using standard off-the-shelf cables and avoid the need for expensive upgrades for high-performance TV-at-Sea without the hidden costs.

Source, purchase and replace your own cabling with this easy-to-install system and mount on a tuna tower rather than pay for expensive upgrades.

Touch and go


Enjoy one-touch operation with the 4.3-inch touchscreen Graphic Antenna Control Panel (GACP), which features clear icons, satellite selection and a list of presets for intuitive operation.

The compact and clear display puts all the controls at the tip of your finger, with familiar menu items for everything you need on tap.

Individual choice, multiple screens


Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV supports any number of satellite receivers so many TVs can be installed and individually programmed for the enjoyment of everyone on board.

Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV is compatible with most Ku-Band HDTV services worldwide for digital TV and music programming, so with the ability to have as many TVs on board as you like, everyone can watch their favourite programmes.

Bespoke GPS navigation


A built-in GPS antenna and proprietary algorithms give Sea Tel ST24 Satellite TV fast satellite acquisition capabilities – with all positioning data clearly displayed on the GACP display.