TV and Radio Signal Distribution

SAILOR Headend Distribution Systems, Trans-/Modulation Systems, Distribution Components, Multi-Switches as well as Components and Accessories for all sizes of networks on vessels.

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Headend Distribution Systems


SAILOR Headend Compact PSA-series is featured to handle the demands on varying signal strength and different supply voltage. With antenna cut out relay function as standard and a range of different PSA 350 versions available, the PSA-series is the first choice for smaller sized coaxial cable networks.

The Headend System SAILOR CAS 3500-series features Automatic Level Controls (ALC) maintaining stable output level under varying conditions encountered aboard ships. Enabled to handle different supply voltage, integrated cut out relay function and an S-band input as standard SAILOR CAS 3500 Headend-series is the perfect choice for larger sized coaxial cable networks. SAILOR CAS 3500 Headend-series is also the basis for coaxial cable networks with up to several hundred TV/R-outlets ensuring complete flexibility.

SAILOR CAS 3500-series is available both as cabinet mounted standalone version and as subrack 19″ version to be integrated in a 19″ cabinet rack.

Trans-/Modulation Systems


SAILOR’s modulator systems based on MM-750 VHF/UHF TV modulators available in PAL B/G and NTSC as standard allows Single Side Band (SSB) operation in the wide frequency range of 40-750 MHz for different AV-in sources e.g. satellite receivers, DVD, CCTV, etc…

Designed to meet the standards and requirements for maritime radiocommunication equipment, the modulator systems makes it easy to combine up to 64 MM-750 VHF/UHF TV modulators mounted in 19″ subracks. The signals are then fed into a CAS 3500 headend to create a complete modulated channels distribution system.

Distribution Components


The original distribution components include splitters, tap-offs and TV/R-outlets for coaxial cable based Community Antenna Systems. These products complete your system and are a must to create the perfect working entertainment system on your vessel.

Designed to meet the standards and requirements for maritime radiocommunication equipment, our distribution components feature double galvanic insulation to avoid problems with interference and grounding which are critical on vessels coaxial cable based Community Antenna Systems.